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Workshop Resources


These contain hot links and work on Mac and PC with Word and an Internet connection. More can be found in the "Kit Builders" download on this site. These are samples from the larger kit builders.





Copyright Resources


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Handouts for Classroom Planning in Multimedia and Video

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Link to the 41st annualCalifornia Student Media&Multimedia Festival
The nation's oldest continuous festival for student work in media technology.
Link to Information Literacy.
Link to the Schoolhousevideo project.
This project moves video projects from classroom to broadcast. School-based video are mastered in classrooms on digital video (see above) and broadcast on KOCE-TV, PBS in Orange County, California. KOCE broadcasts to more than 11,000,000 people in Southern California. Sample videos from students have included "commercials" for glasses that change a person's perspective, a close, positive reexamination of students' own "undesirable" neighborhood, and a positive look at "becoming a scholar" from an elementary school. Contributing classrooms have ranged from 3rd grade through 12th grade.

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Resources for Information Literacy Series - "Information Literacy: Big6 Research Skills"
This series integrates information literacy with technology literacy. It was created to specifically meet the needs of high schools in the Digital High School program, but meets the needs of high schools and middle schools. Thanks for this project to co-authors Darla Magana and Lesley Farmer.
Web site

Teachers GuideThe teacher guide was written through collaboration with the Los Angeles Times. It is an accompanying resource with lesson plans and other tools for classroom use, including some lesson plans for lower grades. It does not precisely follow the six programs in the series but supports the content information. The guide is a large file (5.1 megs) and is offered both as a single download and in parts to make downloading easier.

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"The Future Isn't What it Used to Be: A Good Thing for Classrooms"
The print out of the HyperStudio stack presented Las Vegas for Clark County Schools before a very energetic, lively group of K-12 teachers in Las Vegas who gave up a Sunday for educational technology. For a pdf of the presentation, e-mail Hall Davidson.

"Big Bandwidth - Convergence to Try Now!"
The print out of the HyperStudio stack presented at FETC 2000.

"From the Mouses of Babes: Real Multimedia from Real Minds"
The print out of the Hyperstudio stack presented at FETC 2000.

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"Why the American Dream is Failing and Only Teachers Can Save it"

The February version of this talk delivered in Palm Beach county is a HyperStudio file. It is converted below to three .pdf files to download. The workshop supplemental material can be downloaded by clicking on the district logos below (.pdf files).

This is a three-part download. It will print the text fields and graphics from the presentation, which was constructed with Hyperstudio 3.1.

"Making Music Matter: Music in Multimedia Workshop"


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"From Nuts and Bolts to Sizzle: A Digital Hardware Primer"

This handout contains step by step directions on interconnecting TVs, VCRs, and computers. It gives helpful instructions on linking all of these technologies together for terrific educational projects.

"Copyright in the Cyberspace Age"

These are relevant documents from the copyright workshop

*Thanks to Dave Tennant and Greg Branch who made the documents Report on Intellectual Property and the Fair Use of Copyrighted Works in this form available to educators at the CUE Conference.

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Excellent reference books on the subject:

Other links of interest are below. My particular favorite is, also known as "The Copyright Website."

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"Wired to the Web--Now What?"

A link to the quizzes on the dedicated website designed specifically to accompany the award winning educational series "Wired to the Web--Now What?", which was produced and aired on PBS station KOCE-TV. This five-part program was created to help classroom teachers who find themselves in a classroom "wired" to the Internet. It offers meaningful uses of the Internet in the classroom, features dozens of interviews with Web-wise teachers and discussions with district-level technology coordinators. College credit is available for viewing the program and doing the work on the website.Try this link for cool sites and an educator's introduction to the World Wide Web.


Click here for the keynote stack from the National Teacher Training Institute. *Requires the HyperStudio player (free!). Note: This takes about 20 minutes at 28.8 baud. Click the Roger Wagner Publications icon below to download the player.



Click here for handouts from the National Teacher Training Institute. *Requires the HyperStudio plug-in (free!). Click the Roger Wagner Publications icon below to download the plug-in.


What people have said about the workshops and keynotes

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