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He has served on various technology education task forces and committees including the

California Telecommunications Task Force that first planned the applications of Internet connectivity for education in California and the steering committee for the California School-Based Grants Program that awarded millions of dollars directly to schools. He has received both the Gold and Platinum Disk award from Computer-Using Educators, and serves on the technology advisory boards for several organizations, including the California School Library Association, Technology for Results in Elementary Education, and the educational software group Knowledge Adventure. He served as consultant to nonprofit foundations, California colleges and universities, publishers, and national corporations. He serves as director of the California Student Media and Multimedia Festival, now in its 37th year.

A nationally published writer, he has helped train thousands of teachers in technology integration. With the Saddleback Valley Unified School District and KOCE, he produced a series on classroom use of the World Wide Web called "Wired to the Web, Now What?". This series integrated broadcast, internet, SAP (second audio program), and POTS (plain old telephone system) technologies. Thousands of teachers have taken this telecommunications course for credit. It is used by several school districts as a required component of their staff development programs. He authored media lessons that are included in a skills-based internationally distributed collection of K-12 classroom lesson units. As director of the California Student Media and Multimedia Festival, he has helped bring recognition to hundreds of schools and thousands of students.

He also produced the program Information Literacy - Big6 Research Skills.This series integrates information literacy with technology literacy. It was created to specifically meet the needs of high
schools in the Digital High School program, but meets the needs of high schools and middle schools.

He has served as an educational consultant for the Los Angeles Times, Canter and Associates, and a number of commercial and PBS broadcasters.

Concerning copyright,

Hall Davidson has worked in intellectual property and education for nearly twenty years. He has led copyright workshops for educators from coast to coast in the United States. He authored the highly regarded educator's "No FAT Guide to Copyright" in Technology and Learningmagazine, the follow-up to the Famous Copyright Quiz for teachers. As the co-author of an internationally distributed technology skills acquisition kit for classrooms, the producer of Emmy-nominated
television programs, and the executive director of a multidistrict media acquisition consortium covering more than 200,000 students, Davidson has a vested interest in copyright and intellectual property. As director of the nations oldest continuous student media and multimedia festival he witnesses the classroom impact of copyright on student projects every year. His experience has benefited from the issues met creating the guidelines for the multimedia festival and from workshops with both intellectual property lawyers and classroom teachers. The early copyright territory of television with its history of agreements forged between intellectual property owners and distributors and educational institutions, sometimes with the assistance of the US Congress, provided a natural base for expanding copyright understanding in new media.

A father of two, he has sat on the governance council for their elementary school, a self-governing site that is part of a reform effort in the local public school district.

1990 Pepperdine University, MS
1979-1984 Additional studies: UCLA, California State University.
1971 Peabody College, Master Teaching Program
1971 Vanderbilt University, BA

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To contact Hall Davidson, e-mail hall@cccd.edu or call 323-466-2236. For bookings or further information ask for Gina.

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